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Amphenol Connector

A connector is used to establish an inseparable connection between two points allowing a signal to pass between these points with very little distortion or loss. Connectors vary in characteristics and find application in many industries. Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. It designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat ribbon cables and interconnect systems. When you purchase an Amphenol Connector you can be assured that you are buying a superior quality product built to the highest standards. Whatever your application, an Amphenol Connector will turn it into a success as they are made from the finest, long-lasting materials and ensure reliability.

Tektronics, Inc. is one of the fastest growing electronic distributors in the United States. It serves both a national and international market from a single location assuring its customers that shipment occurs from this single location and not from remote warehouses. The company gets the job done the first time round when you need electrical components and related accessories. How can it achieve this? Tektronics, Inc. has over 100 million dollars worth of inventory, offering you off-the-shelf delivery on literally tens of thousands of electronic components and related accessories. It only stocks the best quality products so you can expect to find any Altera, Deutsch or Amphenol Connector at

Tektronic's customers are its number one priority; the service and support systems have been designed to respond to the needs of customers and are continuously modified to incorporate changes so that an exceptional level of customer service is always achieved. Tektronics, Inc. offers you only the highest quality electrical components at the most affordable prices. When you need an obsolete or hard to find product, your first and only stop should be That's because you will always find the solution to your electronic crisis at this store! When you need an Amphenol Connector or any other information on connectors, the team at has the background and expertise to help you find the right product for your application. Simply phone 1-800-916-6119 or e-mail with your questions or concerns.

When you need a connector that is reliable and of superior quality, choose an Amphenol Connector; it will always do the job it is meant to do! There is an Amphenol Connector for every application such as automotive interconnect systems, D-Sub connectors, data/telecom connectors, fiber optic connectors, fieldbus connectors, filter connectors, high performance environmental connectors, industrial power connectors, mobile phone connectors, RF coaxial connectors and many more. To find the best Amphenol Connector for your application, visit and perform a search for the specific product you are interested in. Tektronics, Inc. is a registered distributor of Amphenol products and offers them to you at competitive prices. Not only does Tektronics, Inc. stock Amphenol products but it also stocks integrated circuits, diodes, transistors, resistors, relays, switches, crystals, capacitors, semiconductors and connectors from other leading manufacturers such as AMD, Catalyst Semiconductor, Motorola, Siemens, Sony, Micron, Mitsubishi and others. Remember, is your number one source for all electrical components and related accessories!

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