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Today we live in a world where technology seems to have taken over nearly every aspect of our lives. From the way we communicate, to the way we work, to the way we go about our everyday existence. In many of the first world countries all over the world, many of the things that people take for granted would not be possible without the aid of technology and the various devices and chips produced by companies like Burr Brown. As technology becomes an ever important part of the world that we live in, companies that manufacture, develop, and sell the various technologies are becoming more and more important.

There are many companies like Burr Brown who specialized in specific areas of the technologies that we use these days on an everyday basis. Despite the fact that there are so many different companies of these types they are not necessarily competitors on the same level. They are both each other's competition but also each other's allies. Unlike the usual corporate world where one company is basically trying to outdo another company, when you get to the technological world of research and development, the relationship between companies changes slightly and sometimes drastically.

That is not to say that a company like Burr Brown does not have its competitors. Any company in any area is bound to have competitors. The difference is that, thanks to the specialized nature of their specific target market, these companies that deal in technology are not always at each other's throats. That is the theory at least. In practice, however, the amount of industrial espionage that goes on in between some of these companies makes the Cold War look like a practice session for the corporate world that we have today. The same problems that exist in the normal corporate world exist in the technological corporate world. Large companies are more than willing to buy out their competitors to take all their products under their own banner. While the smaller company still retains its name, or at least some aspect of it, it essentially falls under the larger banner of some other company.

These technological companies lies Burr Brown deal in items that most people do not even think of. The microchips in your computer at work or the microwave at home are some examples. Others are the integrated circuit boards that make everything from the DVD player to the fully automated refrigerator work. While the average person may not even consider these items or even know the names of the companies that make them, they form an integral part of the technological world that we find ourselves in these days.

Companies like Burr Brown and the many others like it are to thank for the wonders that we have available to us today. While most people do no consider the bits and pieces that make up the appliances that we so often use, they are just as important. The companies who make these bits and pieces are often neglected and forgotten in the face of the large more capitalistic corporation who reign over the marketplace. Forget them at your own peril.

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